Important Dominance Tip‏

You know my views on how to give women

GREAT ‘Bedroom Fun’…

  1. Be sexually dominant
  2. Use a lot of dirty talk
  3. Give her multiple ORGASMS every time

Those 3 things will make any woman addicted

to you.

But, what about OUTSIDE of the bedroom?

Well, I firmly believe you need to be dominant

here too.

After all – if you act like a WUSS outside of the

bedroom, how can you expect her to take you

seriously INSIDE of the bedroom?

I’ll give you a few examples of how dominance,

outside of the bedroom works…

– When I wanted my girlfriend to eat a healthier

diet, I didn’t try to persuade her. Nor did I ask her

what she’d like to do. I simply started making her

a smoothie every day.

And, sure enough…

Every time I presented her with it, as her breakfast –

she drank it!

I took the lead – she followed.

– When Friday night comes around – and it’s ‘Date

Night’ – I don’t ask her what she wants to do.

Instead, I set up something fun, tell her what to wear –

and then she follows my lead.

See how this works?

Lead your woman AT ALL TIMES.

Women love to be led by a strong, dominant man who can last as long as it takes to make her cum  – how to stop premature ejaculation

All you have to do is ‘step up’ and be that kinda guy.

Of course, to get good at being dominant in the bedroom –

you should read my Bedroom Boss program

All the details are right here

Talk to you,soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong


Pills to keep you hard over the counter

Male enhancement is no longer a taboo as far as the current culture is concerned.

Men have managed to gather the courage to discuss their sexual weaknesses with their friends or even close relatives.

Well, it does not imply that they are taking out the rulers and take part in the competition for the strongest men in bed!

However, they are now comfortable to talk about sexual satisfaction and ways to improve the same.

If you are out there looking for rock hard pills to keep you hard over the counter, here are some of the potions you have.

  • Extenze Fast Acting

This is one of the best-selling brands in the category of male enhancement pills.

It brings about better performance and pleasure and also an increase in sexual stamina and cure ED .

It is an effective pill and can be found in GNC among other stores such as Walgreens and Walmart.

You can also found it online and are saved of the hassle of walking to the store in order to buy it.

  • Progene

Progene is a dietary pill that helps men to enhance their performances both in the field and bed.

it is a testosterone booster with ingredients that include natural aphrodisiacs and vitamins that help you restore your strength, desire and arousal.

  • Vitalast New Vigor

This pill is everywhere in the media and the stores too.

It is a popular and effective enhancement pill for men that is known to enhance vasodilatation and hence increased blood flow to the penis chambers.



Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

ED Cure

Men tend to judge themselves quite harshly when it comes to performance in the bedroom.

The fear of being unable to rise to the occasion can become a recurring nightmare for men and is often equated to loss of dignity, masculinity and failure.

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, you should not be so hard on yourself. Impotence can almost always be treated.

If you are suffering from this condition, you should seek medical attention. Do not be embarrassed as it is nothing to be embarrassed about – you need to be an ED Conqueror .

Depending on the nature of your erectile dysfunction, you may have various treatment options to choose from.

Before the ED treatments begin however, the doctor will have to ensure that you are receiving the correct treatment for any health conditions that you may have.

Treatment forms for erectile dysfunction come in different forms. One of these includes Oral medications.

They are very successful and efficient. They include Viagra, Cialis, Stendra and Levitra.

The purpose of these medications is to enhance the effect of nitric oxide which is a natural chemical in the body that is responsible for relaxing muscles in the penis.

Other forms of medication include Alprostadil urethral suppository, Alprostadil self-injection, and testosterone replacement.

You may choose to solve your erectile dysfunction problem using penis pumps. A penis pump is a vacuum erection device.

In general, it is a hollow duct having a pump that is hand or battery powered. The tube is usually positioned over the penis and pumped so as to suck the air out.

This will in turn create a vacuum and pull blood into the penis. Once you have an erection you can slip a ring round the base part of your penis to ensure the blood stays in.

Other than penis pumps, you can also try penis implants and blood vessel surgery.

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Myths And Facts About Erectile Dysfunction


When it comes to erectile dysfunction, there are a number of myths that surround it and can prevent you from learning how to get an erection fast and keep it.
Below are some of those myths together with their facts.
Myth: Erectile dysfunction to be a normal phase in growing up and men have to find a way of living with it.
Fact: Even though erectile dysfunction is common in many men, this does not mean that it is normal for you to have it as you grow up.
There is no reason for you as a man to accept having the lack of sexual function without doing anything about it.
In case you are experiencing any symptoms and signs that normally come with ED, it is highly advisable that you seek medical assistance so that you can get It sorted out.
Myth: Younger men do not get erectile dysfunction, it tends to affect men who are older.
Fact: Even though this kind of condition is mostly common with men who have reached 75 and above, it is still important for you to know that any man at any age can suffer from erectile dysfunction.
Myth: Even though erectile dysfunction may be very upsetting, it is not dangerous
Fact: It is important to note that even though the condition itself is not that dangerous, having this kind of condition is usually an early sign that you are suffering from other health conditions that may be very serious like diabetes, hypertension and many more.
Therefore, it is advisable that you seek immediate medical attention in case you are suffering for erectile dysfunction.
If you dispel these myths of ED, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a sex guru of how to get an erection fast and stay hard for longer in bed.


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